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Every service of kt will evolve until customers are fully satisfied

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olleh Services

kt, the leader of Korean Information and Communications
Doing our utmost for customer satisfaction!

kt will ensure the best quality services and technologies
in this convergence era where fixed and mobile, voice and data,
and also communication and broadcasting industries merge into one field.

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kt Mobile, another world on my hands

Mobilekt provides the friendliest services to our everyday lives from early morning till our bed time, ranging from voice calls, videos, text messages and data, with olleh's cutting-edge smart phones and smart pads.

LTE WARPLeading the era of 4G with enormous voice and data

kt’s advanced 4G service based on the world’s first CCC (cloud communication center) virtualization - kt offers various plans for high-quality voice and superfast data with great stability.

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TV- Era of IPTV begins. Level up your old-cable and enjoy customizable HD channels on your TV.

TVExperience the largest number of tv channels in Korea on clear and high resolution displays. You can choose from up to 130,000 dramas, movies, and documentaries, as well as concerts, sports events, karaoke, shopping and education.

olleh tv skylifeThe largest number of HD Channels domestically, my own customized tv

Skylife is available in Premium, Standard, and Economy plans. Customize your HDTV at a reasonable price.

olleh tv liveMy own customized TV, a completely different experience from the cable TV.

A TV service for smart housewives. This service with affordable price comes with various Videos On Demand for your desired time.

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kt internet, the center of Korea’s information and communications

InternetWinner of the national customer satisfaction evaluation, Korea's leading internet service provider! kt's stable broadband internet service allows customers to enjoy internet with up to 100MBps speed anywhere in Korea.

Internet Family olleh internet 50% off!

Enjoy olleh internet at half the regular price via family bundle if any immediate family member is already on the plan!

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Ubiquitous premium wireless internet zone in Korea

WiFi/4G WiBro


Customers can access high speed wireless internet conveniently anywhere in Korea and even overseas. olleh WiFi zone offers premium wireless internet space with the highest security.

WiFi Multi
Free wireless internet for your WiFi devices!

Unlimited nationwide free wireless internet is available
via olleh WiFi Zone for our customers.

WiFi Roaming
Enjoy olleh WiFi in overseas WiFi networks!

WiFi roaming plans for customers seeking overseas internet service at reasonable prices.

4G WiBro

Enjoy olleh 4G WiBro, our unique wireless broadband internet service. It will allow you to use mobile services faster and more conveniently in a wider range of spaces.

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Korea’s no.1 stable and economic standard phone service

Home Phone The most popular standard phone service chosen by customers in Korea. Various supplementary services with premium quality and low fares, as well as discount benefits are available.

Home Phone Korea’s No.1 stable and economic house telephone service from kt

The most popular home telephone service chosen by customers in Korea. Various supplementary services with premium quality and low fares, as well as discount benefits are available.

Internet Phone Cheaper than home Phone

Enjoy clear connections on voice and video calls at a flat rate anywhere in Korea.

International CallSimply dial 001 for international calls on your standard and mobile phones

With the largest number of direct lines domestically that connects to 82 countries and providing services to 246 areas in overseas, kt offers high quality phone call services at low calling rates.

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A convenient way to combine kt’s technology

Bundles Customers can combine multiple services from kt such as internet, standard phone, internet phone, TV, mobile, and furthermore enjoy ubiquitous file management via ucloud.

LTE, olleh united Combination of LTE and internet -> You have olleh tv!

Combine LTE smart phone with home products (internet tv) to enjoy discounts for your family.

All-IP AlrightFree Internet for a family having two LTE subscribers! Plus discount on TV plans!

More deals and discounts on your Internet plans. Discounts vary upon your family members’ LTE plans.

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Maintain a quick and easy access to your data wherever you are!

ucloud This 'Personal Cloud Storage' service allows customers to access and manage data in real time bases via automatic synchronization on multiple devices. Manage your files quickly and easily through ucloud manager, a member subscribed to olleh internet/mobile can use 50GB free of charge.

ucloudExperience surprising transfer speed with maximum security

Manage your music, pictures, videos and documents with ucloud. It’s super easy and convenient!

ucloud officeA ubiquitous corporate cloud storage service, connected to my office.

Your valuable corporate data is easily managed with strong security.

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Total home services, bringing smart digital life to reality

Smart Home This smart total home services remotely group together every service including education, video call, smart robot, multimedia and living information for customers anywhere and anytime.

Kibot 2 Educational contents and Multimedia service for infants and school children

Provides various exciting contents with voice/touch-recognition technology.

Smart Home Pad A convenient pad, already embedded with necessary services for home.

Even a housewife who is not familiar with smart devices can also experience various benefits and convenience of smart devices.

Smart Home Phone HD mini Pretty and Smart HomePhone mini

Smart HomePhone makes it possible to enjoy video and voice calls of HD-class based on the WiFi with the light handset of Galaxy 070, and customized content as well home security service with its motion recognition sensor.