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Every service of kt will evolve until customers are fully satisfied

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LTE optional data plan

Mobilekt provides the friendliest services to our everyday lives from early morning till our bed time, ranging from voice calls, videos, text messages and data, with olleh's cutting-edge smart phones and smart pads.

LTE optional data plansimply choose your data plan plus unlimited voice.

This data plan offers unlimited voice for wired or wireless. Should the amount of data from the selected data plan be insufficient, have the option to pull ahead data from the upcoming month. If there is leftover data, add it on to the following month. With this, also enjoy olleh TV Mobile for free.

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TVExperience the largest number of tv channels in Korea on clear and high resolution displays. You can choose from up to 160,000 dramas, movies, and documentaries, as well as concerts, sports events, karaoke, shopping and education.

olleh GiGA UHD tv4x clearer than Full HD! GiGA level UHD clarity!

olleh GiGA UHD tv is a service which provides the world’s first set top box for UHD picture. The service offers 4 times the clarity with UHD picture as well as 3 times the speed operation speed.

olleh tvFull HD picture with the most channels offered domestically. All available VOD is a definite along with smart functions!

olleh tv is the domestically No. 1 chosen IPTV service amongst customers. olleh tv service offers the most Full HD exclusive channels domestically, the most VOD, and the most practical smart functions.

GiGA Internet

InternetWinner of the national customer satisfaction evaluation, Korea's leading internet service provider! kt's stable broadband internet service allows customers to enjoy internet with up to 1Gbps(GiGA Internet) speed anywhere in Korea.

GiGA Internet10x the speed of regular internet with the first ever 1Gbps speeds.

With GiGA internet, you will be able to experience 1Gbps (=1,000Mbps) which will offer 10x the average download speed as well as 3x the average WiFi speed and 4x the average HD picture.

The image for GiGA WiFi



Customers can access high speed wireless internet conveniently anywhere in Korea and even overseas. olleh WiFi zone offers premium wireless internet space with the highest security.

3x the regular speed with up to 512 users per hub.

All GiGA WiFi Zones domestically will offer 3x the average WiFi speed for wireless internet.

WiFi Multi
Free wireless internet for your WiFi devices!

Unlimited nationwide free wireless internet is available via olleh WiFi Zone for our customers.


Enjoy olleh WiBro, our unique wireless broadband internet service. It will allow you to use mobile services faster and more conveniently in a wider range of spaces.

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Phone The most popular standard phone service chosen by customers in Korea. Various supplementary services with premium quality and low fares, as well as discount benefits are available.

Home PhoneHome Phone is a product used most of all customers, offering secure communication quality along with low cost rates.

Green Home Phone, which is free of electromagnetic waves, offers the best communication quality along with low cost rates. Additionally, free Home Phones also provides various optional services as well as numerous discount benefits to allow customers worry free usability.

Internet PhoneIs more affordable than household Home Phones.

Regardless whether the city or the country side, Internet phone is offered with unit rate plans allowing cost effective rates for international calls as well as for mobile phones.

International CallSouth Korea’s representative for international calls 001.

By dialing 001 for international calls, a speedy and cost effective call can be made anywhere in the world by Home Phone or mobile phone without the need of pre-registration.

The image for a combination product

Bundles Customers can combine multiple services from kt such as internet, standard phone, internet phone, TV, mobile, and furthermore enjoy ubiquitous file management via ucloud.

LTE Bundle ollehLTE Bundle olleh is a package deal that offers discount benefits to customers subscribing to both mobile and internet services.

This package offers discounts to all family members of customers that subscribe to a LTE smartphone along with an additional home package (internet, tv).

Internet Bundle ollehCombine at least 2 mobile plans for free internet service.

This package offers amazing discount benefits to customers dependent on the mobile rate plan of the customer along with the number of family members combined in the plan.

Our Family Wireless BundleOffers discount benefits for combining mobile plans regardless of subscribing for internet service.

If all members of the family use olleh mobile phones, individual discounts of up to \240,000 will be offered.

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ucloud This 'Personal Cloud Storage' service allows customers to access and manage data in real time bases via automatic synchronization on multiple devices. Manage your files quickly and easily through ucloud manager, a member subscribed to olleh internet/mobile can use 50GB free of charge.

ucloudExperience surprising transfer speed with maximum security

Manage your music, pictures, videos and documents with ucloud. It’s super easy and convenient!

ucloud officeA ubiquitous corporate cloud storage service, connected to my office.

Your valuable corporate data is easily managed with strong security.