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Every service of kt will evolve until customers are fully satisfied

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kt provides customers with a smart and stereographic business environment of the highest level with continuous innovations through a shift in thinking and endless communication.

Data/Leased Line

The content is regarding a data-exclusive line service such as corporate-exclusive MPLS Network Utlization, using services including sales/rental, integrated control solution, security, traffic anlaysis, QOS, and etc for constructing Corporate IT infrastructure.
  Sales/rent and Integrated control solution for construction of IT infrastructure for enterprises olleh biz managed
Security, traffic analysis, QOS services at a moderate price olleh biz kornet premium
Utilization of the dedicated MPLS network for enterprises olleh biz VPN premium

Enterprise Communication

Corporate Communication Service such as remote-conference service using telephone, web, camera devices; internet calling with inexpensive calling rates and many other value added services; a service that a corporate pays for the calling charges of the customers.
  Remote conference service using phone, web and video devices olleh biz conference call Service
VoIP provided with multiple additional services at low rates olleh biz VoIP
A toll-free service where enterprises accept call charges for customers Toll-free number 080


Mobile service regarding task managing with cellphones - mobile offices environment, in office - free intracompany calling/outgoing calling - providing mobile group solution, wired/wireless integrated environment, free unlimited intracompany calling, and etc
  Management of business process via mobile phones, creating a mobile-business environment Enterprise Mobility
Mobile group solution for free interphone for in-house, and mobile phone for outside the company olleh biz FMC
RWI integrated environment, unlimited interphone calls olleh biz freezone

Representative Internet Hub ICC

Internet Hub-ICC service such as direct access to kt-IDC's internet backbone switch / increasing the speed, saving time and cost, inexpensive IT system rentals / stable server management, maintenance service, easy and stable mass text messaging, and etc.
  Speed boost and time/cost reduction with direct connection to the internet backbone switch of kt-IDC olleh biz Co-location olleh biz Co-location olleh biz Co-location Shortcut
service to support stable and high-quality cloud server, DB, Starage resources on the basis of kt cloud platform olleh ucloud biz olleh ucloud biz Shortcut
Easy, fast and stable transmission of massive messages olleh biz Messaging

Biz Solution

Biz-solution service regarding small business administration tasking - supporting using integrated S/W to comprehend the status easily, providing intranet cooperation function for intracorporate system (mail, e-payment, messenger, etc), outsourcing solution without having to set up an initial call cennter system.
  Aids to easily understand management tasks for SMEs using integrated S/W olleh bizmeka Smartbiz
Provides in-house intranet collaboration such as email, electronic approval and messenger olleh bizmeka Groupware
Outsourcing solution for call center system, without an initial investment on construction olleh bizmeka Call center

Spatial Solution

Space solution service regarding customized video&broadcasting service through networks, infrastructure management service through kt networks, live CCTV visual monitoring service using networks.
  Customized videos and broadcasting service via networks olleh biz digital signage
Social infrastructure facility management service via kt networks olleh biz MOS
Real-time security camera monitoring service via network olleh biz i-cam