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Every service of kt will evolve until customers are fully satisfied

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kt roaming will always connect you


We provide ubiquitous and convenient roaming services. kt Global Roaming service seeks to provide the best roaming service to customers with simpler and easier access while their stay in Korea.

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    Cell phone rental roaming service
    Cell phone rental service with a Korean number
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    SIM auto roaming service
    Cell phone rental service which your number stays the same by inserting your own SIM card
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    WCDMA auto roaming service
    An automatic roaming service which allows you to stay connected with your own device and number

SHOW Global Roaming service will keep you connected everywhere in Korea with the world’s first nationwide full WCDMA(3G) coverage.


As a member of CONEXUS, Asia’s largest mobile alliance group, kt will provide you the best roaming service in cooperation with over 200 global mobile service providers.