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KT will provide world’s first 5G Experience

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We are creating a New 5G World

GiGAtopia! it can connect people and all things by GiGA infra.
This is our vision at KT and I hope all of us aim for it too.
With our partners around the world, KT is already leading the way to 5G.
KT will make it the first 5G experience ever in PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

2015 Declaration of KT 5G Vision / 2018 PyeongChang 5G Trial Service / 2019~ 5G Commercial Service


[MWC 2017]The future of 5G (short version)

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What an amazing ride! It is great to be back here.
This is the 5G future (we spoke of) two years ago made real.
What’s more amazing is that these scenes will air live next year.
These impressive scenes are the testament of our commitment to achieve 5G.
Let me show you how we did it. Here are the highlights of our two-year-long efforts and progress.

After declaring its 5G vision in 2015,
KT created the PyeongChang 5G ecosystem with global manufacturers
and opened 5G R&D center to validate 5G equipment and devices.
KT tested ‘Interactive Time Slice' and 'Sync View‘
based on ‘Pyeongchang 5G’ specifications
and affirmed ‘Pyeongchang 5G’ specifications
to offer the world’s first 5G pilot service.
KT has cooperated with Verizon
in terms of establishing common 5G specifications
and our test driving of 5G-based connected cars and drones went successful.
KT made the First-Call operated through “Pyeongchang 5G” specifications
and hosted a conference meeting
to create NGMN’s ‘5G Testing and Lead Pilot Service Program’.
KT accomplished the world’s first 5G Bus Field test in downtown Seoul.
Through these efforts, we are making 5G a reality.

Can you tell the hard work that has been put into this?
This wouldn’t have been possible without our partners.
I’d like to take this occasion to thank all of them for their support and dedication.
Two years ago, I said 5G will bring dramatic changes to our life.
The changes begin in Pyeongchang.
You will be able to enjoy the games from an athlete’s perspective
and get a live experience as if you are playing on the same field.
You will be able to even stop the clock and check every detail.
This is a whole new paradigm of media,
providing a user experience that you never imagined possible before.
To accelerate this transformation,
KT will bring 5G to the market in 2019 for the first time in the world.
5G is not about network evolution,
nor is it about creating a portfolio of new and diverse services.
5G is the intelligent network that will drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
It is estimated to unlock 12.3 trillion dollars worth of economic value by 2035.
5G will reshape all industries and change our way of life fundamentally.
Only we, the telecommunication industry, can make this happen.
KT is ready and the time is now. Let’s build 5G together.

KT 5G Master Plan