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Legal Notice

kt Website is an important asset of kt.

kt Website is an important asset for which kt has exclusive ownership as all the costs of building the website were paid by kt, and kt has the copyrights on all the contents. All the services, materials, and information such as texts, pictures, voice, videos, download files, links, and source codes (hereinafter referred to as "data") on kt website are provided for noncommercial and personal use, therefore all the information shall not be downloaded, modified, distributed, or used for commercial or public use.

kt does not guarantee the accuracy, degree of completion, or reliability of data provided.

kt does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or degree of completion of data on the website and other related sites. Therefore, you should keep in mind that there can be errors, and do not completely rely on the data unless kt provides a written guarantee. In particular, do not use the data provided by kt website directly in sales, trade, and purchasing activities for personal or business gain. Also, please be informed that kt shall not be held responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, special, or increased losses caused by the use of the data under any circumstances.

kt strictly regulates the misuse of kt CI on and off-line.

Only the corporations for which kt has management rights are authorized to use the contents related to kt CI displayed on and off-line,
such corporations must obtain approval in advance. Also, kt may take legal actions against businesses that misuse such contents, so you shall not misuse kt CI on and off-line in any case.
After this page is posted, all the customers using the data provided by kt website will be deemed to have agreed to these conditions. Also, please be informed that kt has the right and power to modify this notice on kt website after a suitable period of time or modify it without prior notification at any time by using proper methods in accordance with common practices of the internet industry.
The above legal notice is effective from July 14, 2006.