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Together with KT, your journey to success will be guided by our knowledge and experience.

KT is at the forefront of commercializing the World’s first 5G network service.

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Global Operation

oRn, AoS
Rwanda looks local inspection staff equipment
In June 2013, KT established oRn Ltd. (olleh Rwanda networks Ltd.) to launch 4G LTE network in Kigali with the Government of Rwanda (GoR). In the same year, a joint venture company, AoS Ltd. (Africa olleh Services Ltd.) was formed to provide SI/IT services. oRn was formed under a Public-Private Project (PPP) tasked to spearhead 4G LTE broadband network in Rwanda as the sole licensee. oRn 4G LTE service was launched in 2014, and it is the fastest network available on the African continent with a data speed of up to 250Mbps. AoS is responsible for operating SI/IT projects for the Government of Rwanda, national R&D institution, and private companies. It is also responsible for providing network maintenance service, establishing and operating  IT system for oRn. In addition, through AoS Ltd, KT plans to commence the SI/IT projects with the GoR, National Research and Development Institute, and other private enterprises. Through our knowledge and service expertise, KT will continue to move forward, cooperating with the government to transform Rwanda into an ICT hub.
Super Imax, East Telecom
Uzbekistan capital Tashkent image
In 2007, KT entered Uzbekistan's telecommunications market by investing in Super Imax with East Telecom. Based on our internet service experiences, KT developed optimized business strategies and ICT services for East Telecom and Super Imax based upon a detailed examination of the Uzbekistan telecommunication market. Currently, East Telecom provides top quality high-speed fixed services in Uzbekistan supported by KT's know-how on leased line, internet, and telecommunications. In September 2008, Super Imax first launched WiMAX Internet service based on KT’s WiBro technology in the capital city Tashkent. Later in March 2005, Super Imax launched LTE-TDD service, branded as EVO, with the network coverage of 97.4% of Tashkent. Super Imax is planning to expand the service area of EVO, to provide network service to the major cities until the end of 2016 and to develop an ICT infrastructure with East telecom's network. As of July 2016, KT is planning to expand LTE services to 18 major cities in Uzbekistan and to develop ICT infrastructure with East Telecom’s network. Through these future plans, KT believes East telecom and Super Imax will become the innovators of Uzbekistan's ICT market.
MT (Mongolia Telecom)
The appearance of a traditional house of the gel in Mongolia
In 1995, KT entered the Mongolian market through the acquisition of shares (40%) in MT(Mongolia Telecom). KT consulted on Mongolian fixed-line market issues by collaborating with the government and the major stakeholders of Mongolia Telecom. To address the challenges faced, KT transferred optimized solutions that were proven in Korean market. Moreover, we contributed our best efforts to develop the telecommunications market in Mongolia by operating educational programs and consulting on various projects. With KT’s support, Mongolia Telecom reached 71,363 households, which is about 10% of the total population. KT will continue to invest and provide the best effort to offer cutting-edge ICT services and enhance Mongolia's telecommunication market.