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  • ‘GiGA internet’ subscribers surpassed 1 million
  • KT, Samsung Electronics and CarVi demonstrated a smart driving technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016
  • Gave a demonstration of the world’s first 25Gpbs, 5G transmission technology
  • Extended KT’s dedicated hologram theater K-Live to Sentosa, Singapore
  • Reached an agreement with the Catalonia, Spain to provide GiGAbit internet service, ‘GiGA Wire System’
  • ITU adopted 5G integrated network management technology recommended by KT
  • Began LTE-M, the world’s first nationwide commercial and IoST (Internet of Small Thins) business
  • KT and POSCO deployed LTE services for enterprise
  • Launched the world’s first LTE network for enterprise
  • ‘GiGA internet’ subscribers surpassed 1.5 millions
  • Built the GiGA IoT Smart Center
  • First in the world, KT developed the ‘2pairs LAN GiGA Internet’ solution providing 1 Gbps internet speed on all LAN environment
  • Revealed KT’s Pyeongchang 5G standard, for 5G internet service for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
  • Signed an MOU for 5G technical cooperation with North American mobile telecommunications company Verizon
  • ‘olleh tv’ commercialized the world’s first IPTV HDR service
  • Released the GiGA Office LAN to LAN service
  • Launched the Wireless IPTV service for the first time ever in Korea
  • Signed a MOU with UNGC for prevention of infectious disease by utilizing big data
  • ‘GiGA internet’ subscribers surpassed 2 millions