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KT is now always ready for close cooperation with you.

In rapidly changing ICT industry environment, forming a strategic partnership is indispensable for all of businesses. Accordingly, KT has established strategic partnerships with a lot of corporations and governments all over the world. KT is now always ready for close cooperation with you, and hopes you could create synergy with us to expand your business in today’s competitive market.

Partnership Process

Partnership Formation > Project Development & Implementation > Synergy Creation

Representative Partnership with Türk Telekom Group

  • KT and Türk Telekom pledged to establish standards for 5G wireless technology.
  • KT has successfully introduced GiGA LTE to Turkey, and GiGA 4.5G (Türk Telekom’s brand) was launched on April 1, 2016.
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MOU with Türk Telekom (February, 2016)

partner image

Türk Telekom’s GiGA 4.5G (April, 2016)