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Transform your wired/wireless network to a converged and enhanced smart network for a better connected life.

KT Consulting provides field proven, practical direction with comprehensive operational know-how. As an industry leading company in the most well connected country in the world, KT experts with rich and deep experience help clients identify and proactively solve their critical challenges ranging from strategy establishment, planning, network design and integration to O&M.

Network Strategy

Network strategy & migration plan based on KT’s experience
Mobile Network Fixed Network
  • Mobile network evolution by technology
  • Frequency utilization plan based on global ecosystem and KT’s experience
  • Frequency refarming mid-/long-term strategy guidelines
  • Network migration strategy
  • Mid-/Long-term coverage expansion strategy guidelines
  • Mobile data explosion counter-strategy guidelines
  • Technical evolution and coverage expansion guidelines by business cases
  • Converged IP network strategy for FMC including stepwise approach to logical and physical integration
  • NGN migration strategy based on IMS platform
  • Fixed broadband network evolution strategy
  • Access network architecture analysis & recommendations
  • Fixed broadband coverage expansion plan

Planning and Design

  • Comprehensive network planning by reflecting client’s needs and multiple technologies
  • Efficient network design by utilizing advanced design tools and methodology
  • Securing of optimal network coverage and capacity by various consulting experiences
Planning and Design


Field proven deployment

  • Network construction guidelines by field experienced experts
  • Vendor sourcing know-how based on multi-vendor operation experience
  • Standard construction and installation regarding on cost saving
  • Settle down well organized deployment process

Network Optimization / O&M

Network quality & KPI management

  • Analysis of target KPI and provision of optimum recommendations
  • Recommendations on statistical analysis and proactive & reactive solutions
  • Best practice and guidelines for network optimization
  • End-to-end call events troubleshooting for network issues
  • System parameter audit with KT’s commercial network
Network quality & KPI management

Operation & Maintenance

  • Field engineering and operating skills transfer.
  • Composition of optimum organization structure.
  • Traffic and network O&M methods and procedure.
  • Solutions & Systems for effective network management.
Operation & Maintenance

History of KT’s Global Consulting

History of KT’s Global Consulting

Network strategy & migration plan based on KT’s experience
Country Period Project Country Period Project
India 2014~2016
  • IMS implementation
  • LTE optimization
  • Network quality improvement
Bhutan 2015 Feasibility study on LTE implementation
Turkey 2016
  • GiGA LTE deployment
  • GiGA Wire implementation
  • Mobile network strategy
  • Wi-Fi optimization
Uzbekistan 2013, 2015
  • Mobile network strategy
  • LTE planning/deployment/optimization
  • NOC operation
Iran 2014~2016
  • NGN/IMS implementation
  • IP backbone/NOC implementation
Indonesia 2014 Wi-Fi strategy
Rwanda 2013~2016
  • LTE strategy/planning/deployment
  • Backbone implementation
Bangladesh 2013 NGN implementation
Botswana 2014~2015 FTTx implementation Mongolia 2013 Feasibility study on LTE implementation