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KT’s state-of-the-art network technologies will help you serve your customers better.

GiGA Wire

GiGA Wire is GiGA internet solution delivered over existing copper lines, based on standard. This solution can be applied to apartments and building where fiber optic cable is not available


GiGA WiFi is the most advanced carrier grade WiFi Access Point, with advancements in speed, coverage and security compared to Branded WiFi APs.


KT provides a GiGA LTE service at more than 1Gbps speed based on the combination of WiFi and LTE network: 74% faster download speed and 66% less LTE data usage. When switching between LTE and WiFi, GiGA LTE provides a seamless service.

Enterprise LTE

Enterprise LTE can separate private mobile networks from public LTE networks by using an intelligent network control. KT's Enterprise LTE service provides users with secure mobile connections to their own intranet.