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General When does General Meeting of Shareholders take place?
  • - General Meeting of Shareholders is held within three months after the end of the fiscal year.
  • - A notice of convocation of General Meeting of Shareholders is sent to shareholders who have the right to attend the meeting. All related information are disclosed through the electronic disclosure system of Financial Supervisory Service, under the title "Notice of Convocation of General Meeting of Shareholders".
General What is the latest result of General Meeting of Shareholders?
General What is KT's credit rating?
  • The latest credit assessment by domestic agencies (Korea Ratings, Korea Investors Service, NICE) has all granted the Company with the highest credit rating of AAA.
  • Please refer to the 'Credit Ratings' section of our website to check credit rating of foreign agencies.
General How can I receive automatic notification of the update of the company?
  • You can register your e-mail for subscription at the ' IR News' section.
Stock When does KT pay dividends?
  • Dividends are paid within one month following the approval at the General Meeting of Shareholders.
Stock What is KT's dividend history?
Stock Where are the shares traded and what are the ticker symbols?
  • KT is listed at Korean Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.
  • The ticker symbol is "030200" for Korean Stock Exchange, and "KT" for New York Stock Exchange.
Stock What's the ratio between the original shares and ADR?
  • Par value of one original share is KRW 5,000 and ratio between original shares and ADR is 1:2
Stock How is the shareholding structure of KT like?
Financial When does KT release quarterly earnings?
  • Quarterly earnings are generally released approximately one month after closing of each quarter.
  • Please refer to the 'Earnings Release' section of our website.
Financial Where can I find key indicators of the company?
  • Please refer to the 'IR Data' section of our website.
Financial How can I obtain a copy of your Business Report?
  • KT's most recent Form 20-F is available on our website. If you request a hard copy, please contact KT IR Team. (+82-2-3495-3557~8, 5343~4)
Financial Where can I find audit report?
  • Please refer to the 'Audit Report' section of our website. If you request a hard copy, please contact KT IR Team. (+82-2-3495-3557~8, 5343~4)