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kt Sonic Boom Basketball Team in Busan

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부산 kt 소닉붐 농구단

The pro basketball team that would later become KT Sonicboom was purchased by kt on November 17th, 2003. The inauguration ceremony was held on January 18th, 2004 where its team branding was revealed. The team was based in Busan and debuted as the Busan KTF Magic Wings for the 2004-05 season where it reached top six. They advanced to the playoffs three years in a row, which helped to establish their reputation as a solid team. They managed to join the 100 wins club after just three years, in the 2006-07 season. They also managed to get third that year in the regular league, which concluded before the championship.

Following this, they moved from the Geumjeong Sports Park to the Sajik Arena as their home stadium. This allowed up to 10,000 fans to attend for the first time since the team’s founding. Following the kt-KTF merger on June 1st, 2009, director Jun Chang-jin was brought on, and the team was renamed the team as KT Sonicboom professional basketball team, beginning a new chapter in the team’s history. In the 2009-10 season, KT Sonicboom blew away expert expectations, which had merely predicted they would get into the top six at best. They had an unprecedented 40 wins and 14 loses. They tied with the championship winners Ulsan Mobis for number of wins in the regular league, even though kt got second overall due to its goal differences. They sold a total of 150,000 seats in their home stadium that season. Fans inside the Busan Sajik Arena chanted ‘Olleh’ for the team to show their support. This win greatly contributed to making unified and harmonious corporate culture amongst merged kt-KTF employees.

In September of 2009, the long desired, cutting edge, exclusive, stadium Olleh Victorium was finally completed, greatly increasing the profile of the team. Olleh Victorium means stadium that evokes feelings of marvel and cheers of victory. In the 2014-15 season with new looks and ambitions, kt Sonicboom couldn’t wait to sing ‘Busan Galmaegi (Seagull in Busan)’ together with fans at Busan Sajin Arena.

Player Introduction

  • 김영환 선수
    A profile including the Date of Birth, Jersey number,position, Height/Weight,nickname,Career experience and DOB of YEING HWAN KIM.
    Date of Birth July 5, 1984
    Jersey number 17
    Position Forward
    Height/Weight 195cm/89kg
    Nickname Dignity of opinion
    Career experience
    • 2017.01~ Busan KT Sonic Boom
    • 2012.05~2017.01 Changwon LG Sakers
    • 2012.02~2012.05 Busan KT Sonic Boom
    • 2009.08 Busan KT Sonic Boom
    • 2007.06 Busan KTF MagicWings
    • 2007 Incheon etland Elephants
  • 박상오
    A profile including the Date of Birth, Jersey number,position, Height/Weight,nickname,Career experience and DOB of Sang-oh Park.
    Date of Birth March 24, 1981
    Jersey number 6
    Position Forward
    Height/Weight 196cm/102kg
    Nickname A-frame bearer, rice bag
    Career experience
    • 2015.06 ~ Busan KT Sonic Boom
    • 2012.05~2015.05 Seoul SK Nights
    • 2009.08~2012.05 Busan KT Sonic Boom
    • 2007~2009 Busan KTF MagicWings

Busan kt Sonic Boom History

연혁에 관한을 표시한 표
2017.04 2016-2017 season Kim Young-hwan, Lee Sung-gu Pair Player Shot of the Season Award
2017.04 2016-2017 season defender Lee Jae-do picked in 5th draft
2017.01 New leader Choi Hyun-joon takes office
2016.12.27 CEO Yoo Tae-yul takes office
2015.04.11 Manager Jo Dong-hyun takes office
2015.02 New leader Im Jong-taek takes office
2014.03 2013~2014 season 5th in formal league and semifinals in playoff
2013.07.15 New leader Lee Kwon-do takes office
2013.04.01 kt sports independent corporation founding (CEO Kwon Sa-il takes office)
2012.08.16 New leader Joo Young-bum takes office
2012.03.24 2011-2012 3rd place in formal league (advance into playoff semifinals)
2011.03.20 2010~2011 victory in formal league (advance into playoffs)
2010.03.07 2009~2010 2nd place in formal league (advance into playoffs)
2010.02.11 New leader Kwon Sa-il takes office
2009.06 Team owner Lee Seok-chae and Leader Kang Jong-hak take office kt-KTF integration
2009.08 kt SonicBoom name confirmation and emblem presentation