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Korea’s Most Popular Sport, Soccer
The Korea national soccer team is dashing towards the world, with the support of global IT leader kt.
For 15 years, from 2001 to present kt has continuously supported the Republic of Korean’s national soccer team. From foundation to development, kt has shared in the glory. When the citizens of Korea became one for a single day in 2002, and our team advanced to the final four, kt was there with them.
From getting the first victory at the 2006 German World Cup to 2010 South African World Cup where we advanced to the top 16, we were also there to feel a great thrill.
Recently in the 2012 London Olympics when we got bronze, and in 2015 in Australia for the Asian Cup where our team snatches second place, our team was an icon of hope. The Korean company kt, the Korean people, and the Korean National Soccer Team all came together.
Kt is the most represented sponsor on both on the team’s apparel and on player escort services. The national soccer team always has kt clearly displayed above their hearts. When the team goes out on to the field, they are accompanied by kt sponsored children. Kt is the sole company represented in the soccer team’s escort through which they fulfill the hopes and dreams of many children. When the sweat covered players enter the stadium kt is with them: on the players’ hearts, via the child escorts, and in our own hearts.
When we think of the fast approaching 2016 Brazil Olympics we are reminded how our hearts were captured in 2002. With this in mind, kt has continued to cheer for and be a patron of the national soccer team so that they can grab the gold at the Olympics and continue legend. The national soccer team leaps toward the world, as they continue to accomplish their dreams with our partnership.