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kt wiz baseball team’s initial symbol, image symbol, emblem, word mark

kt wiz, the 10th professional baseball team in Korea which was the result of local baseball fans’ strong desire combined with the passion for creating a team to represent Suwon was newly launched with a team name, Wiz, implying a willingness to become an ideal team with its mysterious power.

kt wiz is organizing coaching staff to become giants through long term plans. Large-scale expansion and renovation are to be done to its baseball stadium in Suwon and the baseball stadium in Yeoju, which will provide practice field to its farm team has the best quality facilities including auxiliary stadiums, training centers and restaurants. kt wiz has been focusing on fostering a strong team based on systemic baseball and solid infrastructure in the long term.

After training in camp and playing in the 2014 Futures League, kt wiz will make successful debut in the first division league in 2015 to show magical baseball as its name implies.

Taking advantage of the 'BIC Tainment developed based on KT’s ICT technology, it plans to provide baseball fans with distinctive baseball content as well as a ballpark where everyone can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable baseball games.

In response to great support that citizens of Gyungi and Suwon have shown, kt wiz will carry out its vision of being a great team pursuing fun and entertainment by providing a pleasant leisure culture, and in the meantime, developing a variety of new marketing strategies.

kt wizzap introduction

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kt wiz History

연혁에 관한을 표시한 표
2017.02.08 Futures overseas off-season training (Kagoshima)
2017.01.25 2017 season New Year Ceremony
2016.12.27 CEO Yoo Tae-Yul takes office
2016.11.27 ‘16 season close fan festival
2016.10.25 Finishing training starts
2016.10.18 Manager Kim Jin-Ook takes office
2016.10.12 Leader Im Jong-Taek appointed
2016.09.11 Retirement ceremony for KBSN Sports commentator Jang Sung-Ho (member from wiz’s first year)
2016.09.01 Total 100 wins for team
2016.08.11 Capital area Derby/ communications carrier rival match “W-Match”
2016.08.02 Team’s first walk-off homerun (Player Yoon Yo-sub)
2016.07.24 Coach Shin Myung-Chul (first captain) retirement ceremony
2016.07.23 GiGA Water FASTival
2016.07.10 Player Lee Jin-Young is 9th person in history to achieve 1,900 hits
2016.06.26 Player Park Kyung-soo hits 3 consecutive home-runs (vs. Daegu)
2016.06.17 wiz Mom Festival
2016.06.10 Manager Jo Bum-Hyun reaches career milestone with 600 wins (9th time in history
2016.06.03 ‘16 season first walk-off hit (Marte)
2016.05.27 Shuts out Nexen for the first time, establishing sovereignty: first win debut in KBO recorded as base safety shutout
2016.04.28 Korean Prosports Association Subjective PR/Marketing Grand Prize winner
2016.04.23 Player Lee Dae-hyung is the 5th person in history to steal 10 bases for 12 consecutive years
2016.04.13 Player Lee Dae-hyung is 4th person in history to steal a total of 450 bases
2016.04.05 KBO home opening game initial mobile VR live broadcast
2016.03.27 ’16 season start fan festival
2016.03.04 Spring camp finishes
2016.03.02 San Bernadino off-season training completes
2016.02.24 San Bernadino off-season training begins
2016.02.16 Tuscon off-season training completes
2016.01.18 Release of the kt wiz photo book
2016.01.16 Tuscon off-season training begins
2015.11.29 2015 kt wiz Fan Festival
2015.10.05 The 2015 regular league closes
Ties for the most number of wins for a new team in the KBO, with 52 wins.
2015.08.27 Set the largest crowd record as a newly-established club
2015.08.19 Jang Sung-Ho reaches his 2100th hit.
(giving him the second highest number of hits in the KBO)
2015.08.01 kt wiz GiGA LTE Water Festival
2015.07.14 Defeated every team in the regular league
2015.05.23 First time to get a sold out stadium
2015.04.11 kt wiz’s first victory in the regular league
2015.03.31 Release of the first kt wiz fan book
2015.03.31 First home opening ceremony in the regular league for kt wiz, with a game against Samsung.
2015.03.28 First opening ceremony in the regular league for kt wiz, with a game against Lotte
2015.03.12 Suwon kt wiz Park opening ceremony
2015.03.06 Launch of the official baseball team app, known as wizzap
2015.01.16~03.04 2015 spring camp held in Miyazaki and Kagoshima Japan
2014.11.28 Completed draft picks in addition to 20 preserve players
2014.11.28 Recruitment of first free agent player
2014.10.16 Suwon Baseball Stadium officially becomes Suwon kt wiz Park
2014.10.05 Conduct final training
2014.09.02 2014 Futures League completion
2014.08.25 2015 second round draft pick
2014.06.30 2015 first round draft pick
2014.06.22 Recruitment of second foreign player (Andy Cisco)
2014.06.09 Priority draft picks for the year 2015
2014.04.08 First home game, (vs. SK)
2014.04.01 Futures League opening game (vs. Korean Police Baseball team)
2014.03.25 kt wiz kickoff event
2014.03.10 Taiwan off-season training completion
2014.02.16 Taiwan off-season training begins
2014.02.10 Tucson, Arizona off-season training completion
2014.02.01 kt wiz’s first practice game (vs. NC Dinos)
2014.01.20 Recruitment of first foreign player (Mike Rory)
2013.11.22 Second round draft picks
2013.11.20 Tucson, Arizona off-season training begins
2013.11.04 Club announces BI
2013.11.11 kt wiz Launch Ceremony
2013.10.19 Successful Applicants Selected
2013.10.17 MOU with Yeojoo 2nd Division Ballpark
2013.10.01 Training at Namhae
2013.09.25 Public Tryout
2013.08.26 Second Draft Nomination
2013.08.15 Suwon Baseball Stadium expansion and renovation
2013.08.02 Jo, Bum-Hyun Appointed as the First Coach
2013.07.08 First draft nomination
2013.06.17 First draft nomination
2013.05.22 Meeting with 6 Local Schools
2013.05.07 Official Team Name, 'kt wiz' Launched
2013.04.01 Establishment of Independent kt Sports
2013.03.25 Public Vote for Naming kt’s professional baseball Team
2013.01.17 KBO’s Approval for 'kt Professional Baseball Team' Foundation
2013.01.10 kt’s Presentation to become Country’s 10th Professional Baseball Team
2013.01.07 Application to become 10th Professional Baseball Team made to KBO
2012.12.24 Professional Baseball Team Foundation Committee Launched
2012.12.11 Approval of KBO Board of Directors for 10th Professional Baseball Team Foundation
2012.11.06 Press Conference and MOU with Gyeonggi-do & Suwon