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Corporate Typeface Overview

kt font

KT font is an exclusive corporate font for KT.

Optimized for digital screens

Considering the weakness of digital screens of mobiles, tablet PCs, etc., KT fonts changed curves to straight lines to make sure that the text is large and clear enough on a small screen.

Strengthened readability by improving text line-up

For better communication with customers, we improved the readability by changing the existing non-square frame font to a square-frame font and by reducing empty spaces left as a result of the height in text.

Improved convenience through the diversification of the font-weight

To enable flexible usage ‘KT font’ consists of 6 weights; Light, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, Thin and Ultralight

KT Font International Design Prize Awarded History

  • Red Dot Design Award
    Winner in typography design
  • iF Design Award
    Winner in typography design
  • Korean Typography Association
    Winner in ‘best font to remember’
    Winner in ‘best font to use’
    Winner in ‘best font to represent company image’