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CS Management System

kt has strengthened customer-centric management to establish the base of customer-oriented service by building up CS management system

CS Vision
kt’s CS vision is to become a world-class CS company through continual communication and trust between kt and its customers.
and to grow into a first-rate CS company by earning the customer’s confidence according to the principles of communication management and strong customer service, and by expanding corporate social activities.
CS Identity
kt will continue to be a trustworthy company to its valued customers who have trusted and relied on kt over the years.
The CS identity symbolizes our customers’ familiarity with and trust in CS as a popular company that has grown together with the communications history of South Korea. It also means standing together with the customers in a warm friendship based on customer trust and reliability
Customer Satisfaction Charter
Following kt’s core value of CS, “All for the Customer”, kt will always strive to maintain a customer perspective and preserve the five Customer Charter.
  1. First, we shall keep our promises to our customers using the real-name service system.
  2. Second,we identify and handle customers’ needs promptly and precisely
  3. Third,we shall make products tailored to our customers’ needs on the basis of customer participation and evaluation.
  4. Fourth,we shall listen to our customers’ voices via diverse channels on a 24-hour-day basis throughout the year.
  5. Fifth,we shall single-heartedly endeavor to take care of the marginalized members of our society

All our staff members shall learn this Customer Charter by heart, and practice it until all our customers are satisfied with our service.

All staff members at kt