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kt will reinforce environmental management more for an eco-friendly society.

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kt’s environmentally-friendly management vision

Green Convergence Leader leading to the construction of eco-friendly developed
countries under the slogan, "Green kt, Green KOREA"

Environment has become among the most important issues that influence the future of the human race, and, hence, corporate responsibility for the environment has become a key element of sustainability and new business opportunities. In particular, kt recognizes the Green ICT driven corporate management satisfies its social responsibility, and also drives its growth in the future by offering new business opportunities. kt established an environmental vision of 'Green kt, Green KOREA', in order to achieve a growth engine for the green ICT business.

kt’s green management will be practiced under three sub-visions in order to maintain sustainable a green growth.

  • Greening the work environment and the ecosystem of kt in general (Green of kt)
  • Greening the national economy through its green ICT services (Green by kt)
  • kt’s new business paradigm through green ICT convergence (Green Paradigm by kt)

Green kt Green KOREA

  1. 01 Generation of a green eco-system

    • Purchase environment-friendly products
    • Enhance the green businesses
    • Promote Green IT Supporters’ activities
  2. 02 Discover new growth engines

    • Develop new growth engines by exploring new IT convergence business
    • Home, office, building, infrastructure and energy
  3. 03 Green revolution
    of the national economy

    • Greening telecom infrastructures and work environment of kt
    • Create a green life environment for consumers with green services

Meaning of the slogan

Green kt
  • Cost reduction and accumulating relevant experiences/technologies by providing the best green services
  • Leap forward again by exploring new growth engines
  • Enhance group competitiveness by promoting kt’s image as a no.1 green service provider
  • Lead national green growth by implementing Green kt capabilities
  • Improve the quality of life through the green revolution
  • Improve national competitiveness by enhancing Korea’s image as a green nation
  • Green kt : Greening corporate ecosystems to reduce costs, discover new green services, and position itself as an environment-friendly corporate
  • Green KOREA : Lead national low-carbon, green growth by utilizing kt’s IT capabilities

Organizational Structure and System

kt is promoting environmental management agenda based on green ICT. kt has organized the Environmental Management Committee to execute green IT projects and enhance ownership, build various communication channels between departments, and ensure rapid and pre-emptive response to changes in environmental regulations. The Environmental Management Committee is being held regularly throughout the year and since 2009 it has been held under the auspices of the CEO on the purpose of checking the company-wide environmental management projects and future-oriented strategies, establishing itself as a significant internal committee. Broad business strategies to respond to climate change are also established in the Environmental Management Committee.