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Making a pure, clean world, kt’s Ethical Management Spirit.

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Highest degree of customer management in accordance with the principles of the " new ethics rules" to establish , proclaim the social responsibility for creating a national company to enhance the readiness and practice power.

Number One KT, “New Ethical Business Principles"

“We make the right decisions for the future of the company and promote ethical judgment to become global number one." For this purpose, “We pledged to keep KT’s five ethics principles such as Customers First , Compliance Management, Basic Loyalty, Ownership, Social Responsibility.“

Principle 1. Customers First - Top Priority

  1. 1-1. Strictly respect customer value and protect the information.
  2. 1-2. Create differentiated value to help customers.

Principle 2. Strictly comply with various laws, regulations and standards.

  1. 2-1. Act decent based on laws and regulations.
  2. 2-2. Ensure transparency of management and maintenance , and fully protect the company's privacy and security.

Principle 3. Basic principles and substantial.

  1. 3-1. Full benefit of the company in terms of rational, objective judgment and act responsibly.
  2. 3-2. Take the honesty organizational culture.

Principle 4. Ownership of the company

  1. 4-1. Do not be afraid to fail, always challenge for the best.
  2. 4-2. Seek to improve efficiency through self-empowerment.

Principle 5. Social responsibilities and obligations as a national company.

  1. 5-1. Protect the rights and interests of shareholders and employees, "quality of life" should strive to improve.
  2. 5-2. Put emphasis on environment, safety and respect for human rights.
  3. 5-3. Taking the lead in social contribution activities, build a relationship of mutual growth with business partners.