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Reduction in information gap

The seed of love kt sowed.
We hope it will grow rapidly.

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  • IT Supporters

IT Supporter’s Goal is to Create a Happy IT World for Everyone

‘IT Supporters’ is a free service group operated by kt to lead Korea as a leading power of digital knowledge

IT Supporters

IT Supporters is a pro bono talent contribution activity started since 2007, where 60 kt employees participate in IT sharing activities to make it more available for everyone, creating a "Warm Hearted Smart World."

  • Offering basic IT education
    • Browsing the internet
    • PC basic 101
  • Program guide A to Z
    • Making documents
    • Editing videos and images
    • IT certificate support
  • Quick and easy class how to connect to the smart world
    • Utilizing Smart Phones and Tablet PCs
    • Utilizing SNS, the New Media
  • Clean Internet
    • Preventing internet and game addiction
    • Private information protection
    • Preventing cyber crimes