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Reduction in information gap

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  • Social Responsibility
  • Reduction in information gap
  • Provision of universal service

Addressing Digital Divide

  • Providing Universal serviceUniversal service refers to ubiquitous service of basic telecommunications for everyone at an appropriate rate. In other words, it allows users to conveniently use communication services at a rate that is affordable for the public, no matter which social class the user stands or where the user lives.

    Universal services generally include standard phone services, emergency communication phones services, and discount rates for the handicapped and low income class. kt maintains low rates for all citizens using universal services and no discrimination is placed on usage conditions such as rates or quality for geographical locations, income level and physical/mental disabilities.
  • Rate Reduction for the Underprivileged (Unit : KRW 100 million)

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2010 Universal Service Status

The content regarding service definition and distribution status on 2010 landline phone service, emergency communication phone service, reduced phone charge service
Unit Definition Service
Fixed lines Local Call Service Phone service connecting subscribers - Service provided to 16,258,000 subscribers as of the end of 2010 (Market Share: 86%)
- Replacing worn-out switchboards: 264,000 lines
- 275,000 lines supplied to facilities for new city development\
Island Communications Service Phone service connecting land to island or island to land - Broadband internet and local call service for 65,000 subscribers in 422 cities
Public Phone Service Phone service via public phones - Operating 88,000 public phones nationwide
- Regular disinfection/sanitary maintenance and convenient booths for the handicapped
Emergency Communications Phone Service Special Dial Number Service for Emergency Communications Special dials for agencies designated by Korea Communications Committee - Emergency Numbers: National Security Reporting / Consultation (111), Crime Reporting (112),Spy Reporting (113), Cyber Terror Reporting / Consultation (118), Fire / Disaster Reporting(119), Maritime Accident & Crime Reporting (122), Smuggling Reporting (125), Drug Crime Reporting (127)
- Calls are diverted to the nearest agencies without charges
Wireless Phone Service for Ships Phone service connecting ships to land or other ships - Telegraph, phone and telegram services to 4,000 subscribed ships
- When a GMDSS*** disaster signal is received, the signals are automatically transferred in real time bases to related organizations such as the maritime police in accordance to the SOLAS** Convention
Phone Services at Discount Rate Discount rates for the handicapped and low income classes - Discount rate to local and long distance calls, phone information, mobile phones and broadband Internet
- Partial discounted on base and usage rate
- 5,239,000 subscribers in 2010; 235.4 billion KRW discounted
  • * International Convention for the Safety of Life At Sea enacted by the International Maritime Organizations
  • * Global Maritime Distress and Safety System