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The seed of love kt sowed. We hope it will grow rapidly.

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kt Volunteer Corps of Love

kt Volunteer Corps of Love was founded in 2001 to promote greater efficiency by integrating kt employees’ volunteer activities, which had been conducted individually, into a systematic, companywide movement.
Consisting of 200 teams and 23,000 employees kt Volunteer Corps of Love is developing a variety of volunteer activities supporting the local children's centers, neighbors in underserved communities, disaster recovery, rural areas, and children's education, and scholarship programs. Activity guidelines have been released since 2010 so that the volunteer activities can be more effectively done.

The image for employee's voluntary service hours and the number of employees, 89,621 hours with 15,723 employees in 2009, 114,657 hours with 30,383 employees in 2010, 147,177 hours with 37,477 in 2011, 155,000 hours with 31,061 employees in 2012, 98,351 hours with 20,812 employees in 2013, 51,191 hours with 7,714 employees in 2014

kt Charity for Children

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The budget for Korea’s social welfare gets bigger every year, but that of children welfare has been declining. It is very difficult to perform charity activities to help families in need with small and young children.

kt understands that social contributions for children can do wonders for our company image and also benefit from the charity in the long run. We send support so they can become a strong member of society , and we play our role in the future by providing educational programs.

200 teams of kt Volunteer Corps of Love aims to support underprivileged children in an alliance with local children centers. kt Volunteer Corps of Love tied in principle that the activity is at least once made a month through regular volunteer corps of love every year since its inception in 2001, volunteers served more than 3,000 activities to increase the warmth of marginalized children delivered.

2010 was especially special for the corps because of their tie with the national local children’s centers. As part of the activity volunteer groups participate in visiting theatres, sports games on the weekend, visit IT offices, promote environmentally friendly activities, host summer camps, donate IT related equipment, fix children’s facilities, and more depending on the time of year.