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Support for Children with Auditory Difficulties

2013 Sound Festival: Join performance by children with hearing impairment

kt, having communications service as its main business, operates ‘kt sound search’ project to support children with auditory difficulties since 2003. The project began to support socially-alienated children and the youth with auditory difficulties and help them achieve their dreams by communicating with the society. A professional treatment and rehabilitation is offered through the partnership with Yonsei Medical Center since 2010.

In addition, to support hearing-impaired children in developing countries, Indonesian children were invited to Korea back in 2013 to receive cochlear implant surgery. Kt has also visited Indonesia to provide 50 children with digital hearing aids. As the first Korean company, kt has expanded support to families with hearing-impaired parents, to experience Art & Cultural Cure program or healing program for the whole family.

In 2015, to celebrate 130th anniversary of telecommunication and medical practice, kt Dream Center’s children got together and opened an art exhibition with the focus on ‘sound to watch, sound to touch’which enables hearing-impaired children to have a dream and challenges at the same time.

As of yet, ‘kt sound search’ have supported a total of 6,000 people through brain stem implant, cochlear implant surgery support, digital hearing aids , rehabilitation, family support, and healing.

2013 Sound Festival: Join performance by children with hearing impairment