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The seed of love kt sowed. We hope it will grow rapidly.

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Scholarship Programs

No dream should be set aside because of financial reasons

Since 1988 kt is supporting flexible scholarship model applicable for diverse talents; i.e. students which could have potential to lead the IT industry can receive‘creative & innovative scholarship’. For high school students, coming from hard circumstances, were supported by’kt labor management YOUTH foundation’.

kt Labor-Management Youth Scholarship Project (2010~)
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  • 233 talented high school students selected by labor management received tuition support(2015).
  • Currently 1.6 million USD has been supported to 1,268 students (2015)
Creative Innovation Leader Scholarship (formerly the IT Master Scholarship, 1988~).
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  • Innovative talent scholarship for innovative ideas to lead the global market, and contribute to the future development of society
  • Grade out in the framework of general scholarship and ideas to practical assessment activities
  • Running non- scholarship seminars, conferences, lectures, and network programs
  • More than 170 students from 400 colleges applied
  • Current cumulative total of 16.4 billion won paid to 6,356 beneficiaries